Price Range: from $100 to $25,000,000
Size Range: from 10 m2 to 100,000 m2
Other Features
Price Range: from $100 to $25,000,000
Size Range: from 10 m2 to 100,000 m2
Other Features

2-Bedroom Villa for Rent in Sla Kram, Siem Reap



This spacious house features 2 comfortable bedrooms and 4 modern bathrooms, making it perfect for families or those who appreciate extra space. Ideally located just a few minutes from Siem Reap City Center, this home offers easy access to all the area’s top amenities.

With a cozy living room and a fully equipped kitchen, you’ll feel right at home in this fully furnished property. All electrical appliances are included, so you can move in as soon as you’re ready.


  • 2 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Fully furnished
  • Fully equipped all electrical appliance


Sla Kram is a charming village located on the outskirts of Siem Reap, Cambodia. It offers a serene and authentic Cambodian experience for visitors seeking a glimpse into local life and culture. With its traditional wooden houses, quiet streets, and welcoming atmosphere, Sla Kram provides a refreshing contrast to the bustling city center.

The village is notable for its proximity to the renowned Angkor Archaeological Park, making it a convenient starting point for exploring the ancient wonders of Angkor Wat and other nearby temples. Sla Kram itself is home to an ancient temple of the same name, showcasing intricate carvings and historical significance that provide insight into the region’s rich heritage.

While wandering through Sla Kram, visitors can immerse themselves in the daily activities of the local community, from farmers tending to their fields to artisans crafting traditional handicrafts. The village market offers a vibrant display of fresh produce, local goods, and authentic Cambodian flavors, allowing travelers to engage with locals and sample the region’s culinary delights.

The tranquil ambiance of Sla Kram extends to its surrounding landscapes, characterized by lush greenery, serene ponds, and a sense of rustic simplicity. It’s a peaceful retreat where one can escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and find solace in the natural beauty of the countryside.

In summary, Sla Kram is a hidden gem near Siem Reap that captures the essence of traditional Cambodian life while offering easy access to the nearby archaeological treasures. It’s a place where visitors can witness local customs, explore historical sites, and connect with the heartwarming hospitality of the Cambodian people.


  • ID7361
  • Type
  • Bedrooms2
  • Bathrooms4
  • Land Size285 m2


  • Fully Furnished
  • Swimming Pool
  • Address Sla Kram, Siem Reap
  • Country Cambodia
  • Province
  • City/Town
  • Postal code/ZIP 171204

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